A guide to Directory Opus self-service support.
Licence Manager
  • View and manage your Directory Opus licence.
  • Update your email or postal address details.
  • Resend your original registration email (including invoice).
  • Add installs or enable optional features.
  • Renew your upgrade subscription.
Lost Registration
  • Retrieve lost registration details (requires access to your registered email address).
  • Contact support@gpsoft.com.au if you have lost access to your email.
Technical Support
  • Technical support is provided electronically via the Directory Opus support forum.
  • Registered users receive free lifetime technical support, but evaluation users can also ask for help.
  • The support forum requires a simple one-time registration to be able to post, but you can browse and search without logging in.
Download Opus
  • Download current and previous versions of Directory Opus.
Download Resources
  • Download documentation and development resources.